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Logan: Genocide and Revival

Logan: Genocide and Revival

(This article contains spoilers to the movie Logan.)



Logan, the most recent X-Men live action film series – and supposedly the last time Hugh Jackman would be starring as the Wolverine – told the tale of a genocide, a government monopoly of special powers, the last of the mutantkind, and the glimmer of hope for the regeneration of the mutant population. While no comparison can ever do justice to a situation, Logan’s plot has an ominous familiarity for Hong Kong.


The Genocide


It is 2029, a future where the tiger has become extinct due to mass poaching, a marker that the audience would have missed but significant in the story’s meaning. For 25 years the United States government have enacted a bloodless genocidal policy in curtailing the growth of mutantkind, so effective is the operation that no new mutants had been born during this whole time. What seemed to have happened was that the government had infused mutant gene nullifying elements into food and water, slowly degenerating existing mutants’ powers and preventing mutant genes transmitting to each new generation. In Logan, all that remains of the mutantkind were the Wolverine, Charles Xavier and Caliban; but as the story unfolds, it is revealed that mutants are being bred in controlled secret government laboratories, artificially created life designed to become an elite military force. The mutant test tube children were denied their humanity, as the aim was to create soulless, malleable and obedient living weapons for the United States military.

In 2017 Hong Kong, our water contains lead traces that are low enough not to cause immediate harm, but accumulated in the long run would prove detrimental to children’s neurological developments and fertility in adults; and if passed onto foetuses through the mother’s blood stream, the lead content may be harmful to foetal development. The Hong Kong sar regime refuse to recognise the problem, instead telling the populace that the amount of lead present in the water system would not be fatal to people, if it is stretch over the course of a human lifespan. Perhaps it maybe conspiracist to suggest that this is part of the plan to eradicate Hong Kongers, but in contrast, when lead was found in the water system for the newly built children’s hospital in Perth, Western Australia, all further plans to prepare for its opening were halted until an investigation could be made as to the extent of the problem, plus the need to fix the issue if found. The difference in the respective government’s reaction is deafening. Moreover, when a report revealed that the Dongjiang River – the current major source of Hong Kong’s water supply – contains significant traces of heavy metal that is harmful if consumed, the sar regime did nothing, not even start an investigation into how far the problem have extended into our water supply.

In addition to water, Hong Kong’s china-originated food supply is also being called into question. Earlier in 2016, it was discovered that harmful chemical elements were found in vegetables imported from Guangzhou, and earlier still in 2014 and 2015, live chicken from Shenzhen were found to be infected with bird flu, but nevertheless was mixed with unaffected Hong Kong’s locally raised chicken. Nothing was done about the vegetable issue, not even a temporary suspension of its import; and the solution to the bird flu infected chicken was to destroy all the chicken awaiting distribution.

The sar regime’s genocidal policy goes beyond Hong Kong’s food and water supply. Housing availability, and daily living in general, have degenerated to the point that Hong Kong’s young adults are hesitant to start a family, as the housing market is now beyond reach of ordinary Hong Kongers – thanks to the chinese middle-class’ aggressive takeover – and the cost of daily products and food have overinflated due to the skyrocketing rents, as the commercial property market cascaded one-sidedly towards luxury chain stores and pharmaceutical stores for chinese visitors and goods smugglers, forcing remaining eateries and shops catering to local needs to increase their prices, or close down altogether as many long running eateries and stores had to do. The costs of living have been jacked up so high that responsible young adults simply fear to bring new life into the world, when the couples can barely support themselves. Instead, the sar regime brings in more chinese, diluting the Hong Konger-to-chinese ratio, similar to what is happening in Tibet and Xinjiang (East Turkestan), a passive method of ethnic-cleansing and displacement.

Living pressures amongst Hong Kongers have also increased, whereby young adults down to primary school kids are jumping to their deaths, killing themselves in order to escape social and economic pressure. Just recently, several cases of youth suicides were reported, whereby children as young as primary schoolers simply could not cope with pressures at school (such as forced to participate in the TSA), as well as an endless string of extra-curricular activities; or university students that simply cannot see a future for themselves, in a job market that treats workers as slaves – without standard working hours and standard pay – and seeing higher positions being taken up by children of chinese with connections to the upper echelons, rather than ascension by hard work and merit. These deaths negatively contribute to the dying population of Hong Kongers, a comparatively young and new ethnic identity.

Back to Logan’s world, the process in creating these new mutants was limited, requiring them being born as children, going through the normal processes of learning, becoming familiar with and employing their powers. However, this required nurses and teachers, who did not know the insidious nature of the experiments, thus imparting their values and ethics to the children; the children themselves also had their own awareness, gradually resenting their captors and even attacking their oppressors. In the end, the management of the laboratories developed a new way that would bypass this learning process, now being able to create fully adult mutant soldiers that listen to their controllers’ commands without question. The old process had become redundant and the mutant kids were sent to be killed, but the upper ranks did not count on the humanity of the nurses and teachers, risking their lives to save the children by releasing them from their perpetual prison.

As the Hong Konger population fades away, the sar regime and their chinese masters are trying to create new Hong Kongers, ones that are capable to do what the old ones had done in building a prosperous Hong Kong, but listens to their commands without question. They had tried to do this with compulsory General Studies in high schools, in replacement of compulsory Chinese History, as the latter taught both the good and the bad which contradicted china’s falsified version; but some of the general studies teachers taught the kids democratic values and explored the atrocities china have committed, as well as general world history where kids learnt about other people’s uprising against authoritarian rule. The sar regime and their chinese masters also began teaching kindergarten and primary school students in chinese mandarin (a.k.a. Putonghua) instead of Cantonese – the mother tongue of many Hong Kongers - hoping to create a linguistic disconnection that will see kids thinking in chinese, and to break the lineage between the older generations of Hong Kongers and the new. In 2012, the sar regime instead pushed for a stand-alone National Curriculum, where students will only be taught the “glories” of being chinese but prevented to learn of the atrocities committed by the chinese communists and its subsequent ruling regime. However, the young Hong Kongers proved to be not altogether subservient to chinese propaganda, instead rising up to say no to being brainwashed; then in 2014 and 2015, they once again rose up in defiance against control but was quickly subdued. Therefore, china and its sar regime underlings chose to import readily made “Hong Kongers” by importing their own chinese people into Hong Kong, giving them a Hong Kong identity, people who are already willing slaves to the ruling elites.

The X-Men in Loganhas been reduced to just two: the Wolverine and Professor X (Charles Xavier), little was mentioned as to how did the others died but with the end of the X-Men, Logan turned into a cynical man, earning money as an Uber driver to keep himself and the other two alive, long enough to fulfil Charles Xavier’s dream, and then to end his own live with an adamantium bullet to his head. Professor X, although suffering a degenerative brain disorder with deadly consequences for others, had always held the hope that the mutant gene will once again be revived. When their paths crossed with one of those escaped artificial mutant children, Logan refused to have anything more to do with his past, but later accepted the task of escorting the child and her nurse in exchange for a large sum of money. Professor X saw Laura, the new-mutant child, as the glimmer of hope he had been waiting for to revive mutantkind, and attempted to coerce Logan into returning to his true self as the Wolverine, to which Logan was resistant.


The Revival


In Hong Kong, many older adults who once have stood up during 1989 have turned cynical over the years, most wanting to just end their days in peace making money, trying to ignore the rise of a new breed of Hong Kongers who have escaped their would-be captors and their “training program”, designed to create people who would replicate the Hong Kong miracle but answer to china’s beck and call. Many of this new breed came to these elder ones for help but were ignored or pushed away, or worse yet, saw the new generation as a way for the older ones to make money and fame. However, there are those like Professor X, who saw hope in the new breed and urged the older ones to help protect and nurture these youths into a new force to battle for Hong Kong, people such as former legislative councillor Wong Yukman and “the Guru” Wan Chin.

On his reluctant journey taking Laura to North Dakota, Logan discovered that the dreams of freedom came from a comic book about the X-Men, fictitious exploits based upon the X-Men which had never happened, and a destination – Eden – that do not actually exist. However, Professor X explained that Eden is true to Laura and the new mutants, a hope upon which they built their will to fight and live, something that Logan should help protect. After Xavier’s death, Logan continued to assist Laura and then the new mutants, finding in him his old self that wanted to help Laura and her friends, and in the end willing to lay down his life to save them.

For many young Hong Kongers, their dream for Hong Kong had been built upon fictitious truths, stories about a bygone era when people lived free, a prosperous Hong Kong that rewarded effort and enterprise, with a government that listened to the people despite being authoritarian in some ways. To the new breed of Hong Kongers, the British days of Hong Kong was the golden era, despite the fact that Hong Kong under British administrative also seen days of corruption and heavy-handedness; but there is a kernel of truth in the stories, a ray of hope for what Hong Kong could be and can be again, and it is this myth that is the cornerstone for a new Hong Kong. Yet, the truly new generations of Hong Kongers are not yet among us, for at best, the current generation are just another Logan, but as Professor X chastised the Wolverine, it is our duty to protect the upcoming generations of Hong Kongers, who will repopulate Hong Kong and make it great again.